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In order to ensure that our horses are always performing at their best we offer costume training packages that include 2 hack days, 2 professional rides, 2 lessons and 1 day off.


 We structure our lessons and rides on a weekly basis according to our show schedule to make sure we manage the horses energy and fitness to peak when it’s necessary.    We have a proven system that mixes light hacking days or trail rides for conditioning, suppleness and mental soundness. Flatting days are imports to improve stamina and ride ability while building muscle mass and developing proper balance. Jumping days consist of gymnastics to improve horses technique over fences and riders position and balance.


We also work on course training to get horse and rider combinations ready for any possible challenge they will encounter in the show ring. We take in consideration the qualities and weaknesses in every horse/rider combination to select a training system that will help their bond while building up confidence and skills that will help them grow and ultimately reach their goals.    


We also welcome outside riders that want to haul in for lessons by paying a ring fee of $25 + the lesson.   We can also provide a horse for lessons or we have several lease options if needed depending on the riders skill level.    Seasonal clients are always welcome to join our team during WEF.


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